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About Us

Founded in 2010, Minnesotans for Lawsuit Reform (MnFLR) is a statewide non-profit organization
dedicated to improving Minnesota by promoting a fair, efficient and predictable state civil justice system,
which benefits all Minnesotans and improves our state’s business climate. We work to improve the state’s civil justice system through education and engagement of the public, research and advocacy before the Minnesota Legislature. MnFLR’s membership includes consumers, businesses and associations from a broad cross-section of industries.

Courthouse Steps

Why join

By joining MnFLR you are investing in the critical fight to enact common sense reforms to prevent abusive, excessive and unwarranted litigation before it takes root in Minnesota courtrooms. Year after year, MnFLR benefits consumers, employers, employees and the business community by advancing balanced litigation reforms and by preventing burdensome legislation proposed by the trial bar and others that would increase litigation exposure and costs for Minnesotans and Minnesota businesses. We advocate for sensible lawsuit reform including shortening Minnesota’s general statute of limitations to be more in line with other states; reducing the 10% pre-judgement interest rate; and allowing judges to review merits of class actions lawsuits before allowing costly court procedures such as discovery to occur.

2023 Legislative Session Accomplishments:

  • Successfully advocated for removal of ambiguous terms in the AG’s UnFair Trade Practices Bill and deletion of language that would have allowed lawsuits between businesses for common competitive trade practices.

  • Negotiated a compromise narrowing scope of the Consumer Fraud Expansion bill and worked with broad business coalition to successfully limit damage and remove private cause of action in price gouging bill.

  • Provided testimony and opposition on issues such as Survivorship of Causes of Action bill; Family Exclusion Boat Insurance bill and many other private causes of action.

  • Worked with the bill author of the Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations Expansion bill which resulted in no further action on the bill.

Past Accomplishments include: Enactment of legislation to prevent drive-by ADA lawsuit abuse; prevention of many new private rights of action bills and unwarranted employer liability expansions; stopped the erosion of Waiver of Liability contracts; and passed the Trespasser Liability Reform and other

positive reforms.

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MnFLR’s Board of Directors is led by statewide business coalition leaders including the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce; National Federation of Independent Businesses, Minnesota Grocer’s Association; Insurance Federation of Minnesota; Minnesota Trucking Association and other groups.

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